Top 5 Surprising Corona Vaccine Rumors that Everyone Need to Know

“Always remember that rumors are carried out by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots”, ZIAD K.ABDELNOUR.


It’s been one and a half years, the coronavirus is wreaking its havoc over the world’s population indiscriminately. Since its outbreak, it is taking a heavy toll on human lives, the economy, socially, politically and has changed the entire phenomena of human life. According to WHO(World Health Organization) around 3.53 million people have given up the ghost out of this pandemic and almost 170 million people have been infected with this vicious virus to date. The obnoxious pandemic has decimated the world economy ruthlessly while rendering millions of people unemployed and taking the poverty ratio’s tally to new heights. It has compelled humanity to transform the ways how they live in a certain environment, how they behave or react, how they employ various tactics to perform their routine jobs. To put it in a nutshell, it has not spare even a single sphere of life to whom it has not inflicted agony.

Concerning manufacturing any kind of vaccine, if we excavate the history, it divulges that it is not promising. According to Barney Graham who is deputy director of the vaccine research center at the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious diseases that” I have never witnessed one take less than 20 years”. He pleads that whatever virus erupted in the past, it took 20 to 30 years to manufacture its vaccine i.e. rotavirus and papillomavirus and for the last 50 years, researchers have been vying to develop a vaccine to cure respiratory syncytial virus which is one of the conspicuous reasons of fatalities in toddlers.

But if we shed the light on the coronavirus vaccine then hats off to the researchers and scientists that owing to their indefatigable struggle, this time vaccine has been rolled out in the market and made available for the public. Their efforts are worth complement as contrary to the historic record, to rescue the ailing humanity, they have made it possible to produce coronavirus vaccine in a very short period.

But there are some hate mongers, fear mongers, and rumor mongers who are endeavoring to sabotage the scientist’s colossal achievement. Since the manufacturing of vaccines, the conspirators are hatching various machinations in terms of vaccines to create unrest, uncertainty, and disturbance among the public. Several conspiracy theories and corona virus-related rumors are doing the round over social media and other platforms aimed at demotivating and discouraging the people to get them vaccinated. The competent, intellectual scientists and the people who are at the helm of the affairs have categorically debunked these rumors as these mischievous handful plotters were abysmally failed to furnish any factual and credible scientific data to support their ideas.

To some extent, they have achieved their nefarious designs as scores of innocent and oblivious people have fallen prey to these despicable ideas as they are continuously refusing to get them vaccinated out of fear leading to the major decline in the pace of administering vaccine throughout the world in general and Pakistan in particular.

So in this article, I have enlisted the prominent corona vaccine rumors which are acting as a stumbling block in the way to vaccinating people aimed at curtailing the pandemic.

Vaccinated People Will Expire within 2 years

Nobel Prize winner Luc Montagnier’s alleged claims about the corona vaccine have taken the public by storm as according to the message which is being attributed to him and doing the round on social media that all the vaccinated people will die within 2 years and there is hardly any chance of survival for them. According to Nobel laureate, that there is little hope and no possible treatment for the people who have been vaccinated and the world has to grid up their lions to incinerate the bodies.

Dr. T Jacob John, a prominent virologist from Vellore among other scientists has vehemently turned down these claims and declared them unfounded and baseless having no scientific record to substantiate these assertions. According to him, these statements could be doctored and manipulated. “It is fake and the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and sound”, he added.

Dr. Sumaiya Sheikh, a renowned neuroscientist, also declared these claims as misinformation and fabricated having no credible scientific data in backing. “The COVID-19 vaccine will not kill you in 2 years”, she maintained.

Virus emanated from Chinese Lab

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, a well-known virus research agency in China was accused of artificially concocting the virus and disseminating it across the globe. An article published in the Washington times asserted that the virus was part of a Chinese biological weapon program and they also claimed that the first patient who contracted this virus was a graduate student hailing from the same institute.

But Chinese authorities condemned these claims rigorously having no soundproof and also health experts from the globe decried these conspiracy theories lacking concrete evidence.

The virus can be transmitted from pregnant women to newborn

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has never been any case of such kind which ever surfaced across the world. A research study published in The Lancet on Feb, 12 reported around 9 women infected with Corona Virus gave birth to healthy and smart babies without any symptoms of the pandemic. So this research study overruled such kinds of claims and declared them dubious, unsubstantiated, and counterfeit.

Vaccine Contains Microchip to Track People

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, based in Washington is the world’s second-largest charitable foundation whose manifesto is to reduce poverty and improve the healthcare system across the world. Since its establishment in 2000, this organization has donated a substantial amount of money to provide better health facilities and funded a lot of projects aimed at declining poverty and improving people’s living standards in developed countries in general and in developing countries in particular.

So in this testing time of the pandemic, the foundation come to the forefront and passionately help humanity to contain the spread of the virus and accorded a hefty amount to manufacture the vaccine. So owing to these facts, some plotters dubbed these efforts as suspicious stories and fabricated the rumors that vaccine housed microchips to track the people. These conspiracy theories added insult to injuries and cause panic among innocent people. But all these machinations were dismissed by health experts, scientists and researchers. According to Jenny Johnson, who is the public information officer at the Utah department of health that there is not even a zero percent truth in microchip conspiracy theory. He said that we have a list of all ingredients which have been used to manufacture vaccine so the vaccine is secure, safe and effective.

Vaccine Can Alter People’s DNA

Amongst others intrigues that were being aired by some cunning elements, this was another farcical claim which came amid a pandemic outbreak that the vaccine would be very quick to alter those people DNA who would get them vaccinated. These assertions were made by people having no credibility, spur reservations amongst the innocent mankind, and this rumor was exercised as an instrument to give new impetus to fear, panic, unrest, and anxiety amongst already aggrieved humanity. But this time again, Scientists, researchers, and medical experts set aside these ridiculous claims as conspirators were utterly failed to furnish any plausible scientific proven data.

In an interview aired by the BBC in which the host asked three independent scientists about the authenticity of the claims, all scientists saw eye to eye with each other that the vaccine would not alter human DNA in any way. ”Injecting RNA into a person doesn’t do anything to the DNA of the human cell,” Said Prof Jeffry Almond from Oxford University. Sara Riorden, who is president of the National Society of Genetic Counselors said that the” mRNA in vaccine never goes into nucleus and the part of the cell contains all of your DNA and instructions”.


These were the corona vaccine rumors and myths that came in the limelight amongst others aimed at restricting people from getting them vaccinated. The vaccination campaign received a major blow because of these speculative, unwarranted, and unsubstantiated claims as people are still reluctant and on the account of their refusal, the vaccination drive is at a snail’s pace. So to counter these myths, all the stakeholders would have to come forward and raise awareness amongst the general public about the effectiveness of the vaccine so that they can muster the public’s support.

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